The really sad thing about NPS and standardized testing is that at some level leaders seem to realize that they have become horse hockey in terms of actually measuring anything worthwhile but don't have the courage and/or power to pull the plug on the whole operation. I had an executive once who was convinced that we were providing poor service and totally blow off our high NPS. (We may have been, but to resolve the issues we would have had to totally reconsider what we were doing and maybe stop doing it.)

IMO, once an organization, business or school, gets so large that it cannot tell if it's "customers" are happy and receiving a good product or service that is probably a sign that it need to be broken up or at least strongly decentralized.

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Dec 9, 2021Liked by John Warner

I believe it was Ralph Tyler (who might be characterized as the "Godfather" of Educational Evaluation who said, "The power to test is the power to shape curriculum." Maybe that is useful sometimes and damaging at other times.

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